RR Lawson Pty Ltd

Providing sea, air and land transportation since 1933.

We assist small and medium-sized businesses compete successfully in the complex international trade business.

Our goal is to help you transport your goods into the country or export your shipment anywhere in the world quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

As an Australian family-owned business, we can offer you more flexibility and personalised solutions. Because we have been around since 1933, you can be confident that we know the industry inside out.

We utilise our worldwide network of business partners and industry associates to provide effective logistical, freight forwarding and customs clearance on all air and sea freight imports and exports.

If you’re looking to compete in the increasingly intricate international trade, then having a knowledgeable and experienced import-export specialist by your side can make your life easier and your business more profitable. That’s where we can assist.

It all starts with your first shipment. Our goal is to efficiently freight, customs clear and deliver your shipment with the least amount of frustration on your part.

If you have import-export questions or would like to learn more about our services, please call +61 3 9621 2636 or contact us via email info@rrlawson.com.au

We look forward to taking care of your shipment soon!